The importance of lavender in my life

Lavender is more than a plant to me. This is the state of my soul, this is the peace that radiates from the essence of the plant, it permeates me as well. I have gained so much strength, happiness and inspiration from believing that this plant can take root and survive in our land. It makes me believe in myself and respect the work that goes into bringing this plant into our home.

Reservation of lavender plants

We are starting to accept the reservation of seedlings. Contact us on facebook, instagram, or by phone.

Classic varieties: 'True Lavender', 'Munsted Dwarf', 'Provance Blue', 'Hidcote Blue'. The plants are certified by VAAD.

Hey! A long-awaited dream has come true! The owner of LavanDulla, Ilze Ziediņa, has collected her poems in a book!

Ilze Ziediņa has collected in the book of poems "Lavender inspired" the reflective poems written over the course of 10 years about various life situations, time periods, joys and sorrows. "It's interesting that the words came by themselves, I didn't look for them at all," says the author of the book. Words for poems come to her before she goes to bed, and then she has to write them down so she doesn't fall asleep. Or she thinks of a person, and a poem comes in his honor. As in the song "A poet does not have to search for words".

"It is not an art to live, the art is to feel, experience and be aware of life bubbling through your skin. Art is to accept yourself and realize who you really are, what your talents are, and not to be afraid of them, not to suffer. We are all a little afraid, but you don't need to be afraid of yourself. You need to love yourself!''

The pages of this book convey a message about the moments that the author has lived, about fear and encouragement to change, to turn into the best version of yourself. For the courage to do and do.

''Why lavender inspired, you say? Because those who know me associate me with lavender or growing lavender. I am an enthusiast and grower of this wonderful, aromatic plant. They calm and inspire me. You can find me in the backyard lavender garden, it's not for nothing that my company is called LavanDulla, because, really, I love lavender!''

The book contains the author's poems and drawings!

Thank you #iedvesmasgramata for the publishing house!


 With love, Ilze Ziediņa

Consultation opportunities

Greetings in the new year 2023. We are full of enthusiasm and hope. We will start accepting the first orders in February. Don't leave planning your garden to the last minute. It is possible to order in time to be sure that there will be something to plant.

Our plans for this year are big. We want to increase the lavender areas in our own homestead. To reach less than 1 ha with lavender. We will create mother plant trenches so that customers can also see larger seedlings in all their glory. And who knows, maybe we will be able to collect more seeds and sell something.

Consultation opportunities have not been canceled yet. So buy the service we offer safely this year.