Welcome to the world of lavender.

We are lavender growers from 2017. We lavender both on the field and in the greenhouse.

Our greenhouse is located near the undamaged Alunene pond in the village of Highlands, Vietalva. Reproduce the plants from the lavender grown. They are propagated with both seeds and cuttings.

We started growing lavender from 2017. We have produced fewer than 2,000 lavender on the field, and in the greenhouse the number of adult plants is more than 3000 gb. We are growers who can grow lavender on your order and in any quantity.

We share our knowledge, so we offer planting and rearing advice. We are prepared to provide lavender for an area of up to 1 h and more (depending on planting distances of approximately 6,000 plants per 1 h).

Our story

We built the greenhouse with  support of Plavinas region in June 2020. In our greenhouse we grow lavender plants. Our location ''Augsaluneni'', Vietalvas parish, Aizkraukles region.

In the summer of 2021., we have created a lavender garden. Click here to watch video!

Winter-hardy lavender seedlings

At first the idea of growing lavender in Latvia seemed  impossible, many would even say a crazy idea. But lavender is only spreading in the Latvian countryside, and for more than 10 years now it has definitely been inhabited by Latvia. We have been growing lavender for 5 years. The first seedlings were grown in 2017 in Irsu Parish. We started growing lavender by starting a bachelor's thesis lavender field as an additional source of income . The plants are obtained from seeds, which are extracted from lavender grown in Irsu parish. 

The plants are certified and registered by VAAD

Lavander is registred and certified by the State Plant Protection Service 2020, 2021. Official registration number of professional operators LV5106231

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You can buy lavender seedlings, lavender flowers, epoxy pendants and earrings.


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